Brand Strategy

A value-driven brand strategy that emotionally connects to build relationships for your eye clinic growth.



Our Solutions

When used strategically, a patient-focused optometry brand  Strategy could help you as a professional…


  • Define mission and vision
  • Understand the eyecare industry
  • Develop SMART objectives
  • Align your strategy with goals
  • Maintain necessary practice culture

Clearly finding out why you are in this field, where you are, where you want to get to, how to get there, and what you need is where OptoBrand comes in.

For an eye clinic or eyecare professional to attract and engage its local community with relevant eye health information, an Optometry brand strategy is indispensable.





Personal Branding

It is a way of building your credibility and authority. Your optometry personal brand is about positioning yourself as a professional with a unique value proposition. Let us help you communicate a clear vision that attracts the right opportunities.



You may be starting to build an eye care business or have already been running one. Branding is a key component to boosting your optometry eye clinic growth. Let’s help you make an emotional connection with your patients and target patients.


Strategy & Planning

We can collaborate with you whether an established eye clinic or startup optometry practice. Let us create a business strategy and plan that will deliver an adequate return on investment for your eye clinic.


Creative Consulting

Not like your big consulting firms requiring big financial deposits before a meeting with the expert consultant. You will get well-researched and proven nuggets of advice for optometry eye clinic growth.


Let’s boost your brand through an Optometry Brand Strategy for eye clinic growth.

As patients and eyehealth consumers are exposed to so much information today, there is a big appetite for authoritative content that provides relevant information.

Other services

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digital marketing

Purpose driven and offering great eyecare business value.

Web Design

Responsive and offering great user experience across all devices.


Well researched and offering great eye health consumer experience.