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Optometry Personal Branding: How It Can Help You Drive Eye Clinic Growth.

Optometry personal branding that will drive eye clinic growth is a strategic endeavour. Growing an eye clinic is not an easy game, and most Optometrists will agree with that. It involves a lot of work. Your eye clinic is an eyecare business brand. Just like any other feature that influences branding, personal branding can pull the gears to drive the growth of your eye clinic. As optometry eye doctors, we often spend most of our time attending to the patients. Consequently, less attention is often not drawn to the details of building their eye clinic’s growth. 

But as is established in the other business industries, as a business owner you will drive awesome growth by ‘working on your business more than you work in it’. Good a thing, personal branding can bail you out. Personal branding, in total, involves creating the way people perceive you, and what you do. As an eye clinic owner, having an appealing personal brand can attract more eye-health consumers, boost your optometry brand patronage, and foster your eye clinic growth. Below are some tips on how your personal brand can drive growth in your eye clinic.


1. Define What You Do.

It may look as if what you do is well known, but sometimes you notice that the patients who need eyecare don’t exactly know why they should come to you instead of another optometrist. And like we all know, many wouldn’t know if they should see an optometrist an ophthalmologist, or even an optician. 

The first step in building your personal brand is to carefully define your brand message, by asking key questions: What service do I actually render to people? How do I provide my services? What do I want my clients to know me for? As an Optometrist, running an eye clinic, your work is halfway done. But you have to be specific on the variety of skills you have, the core services you offer, and how excellently you promise to deliver them to your client. That shows a fantastic brand strategy, and easily separates you from the crowd; positioning you as an authority in your field, a great feature needed for growing your eye clinic. As your brand promise (what your optometry brand stands to do) continues to align with your brand practice (what your brand actually does), a consistent patient experience is established


2. Specify Who You Serve.

No matter your expertise, when you’re creating a personal brand you need to identify who you serve. As an eye clinic owner, everybody doesn’t need your services. Be aware of this. As an Optometrist, running an eye clinic, you’re professionally trained and skilled to deliver inclusive eyecare treatment services, you need to define who actually needs your eyecare services. Who exactly does your brand serve? Adolescents in need of contact lenses? Adults in need of low vision services? Children with ocular anomalies? Specify it.

Of course, it does not mean turning back other patients but you will be known as an authority in a particular niche. Sports vision, geriatrics, pediatrics, corporate clients, high-end consumers, etc.  These sets of people are your target clients. It’s crucial you know them so you tailor workable brand strategies to communicate your brand message to them, in a way that communicates brand trust, builds a firm rapport, and reciprocates brand loyalty. These can stimulate your eye clinic’s growth with time.


3. Create Your Online Presence.

Nowadays, the online world has been a powerful anchorage for building your personal brand. Imagine having a respected online presence that speaks volumes of your person, as a reputable brand. Such aids you to build influence. Optometry eyecare doctors, running an eye clinic, who have an active online presence, are already on a good pedestal. They can easily leverage their online influence to grow their eye clinic business. But as a clinic owner, if you don’t have a thriving online presence, build it.

All you have to do is always share about what you do, your eye clinic services, valuable curated content, and some relevant behind the scene pictures. Continually communicate with your audience what your clinic does on a daily basis. Tell your stories. This drives awareness of your eye clinic. With time, some of your audience can turn out to become loyal clients. And would always refer patients to your practice. Having a strong online presence is key to your eye clinic’s growth. Build it.

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4. Establish Relationships.

Building the right relationship is key to building your personal brand. Relationships can go a long way to push up your personal brand to visibility. As an eye care doctor running an eye clinic, leveraging the right relationships, your eye clinic gets to be seen and known. With visibility comes attention and growth. Developing beneficial relationships with other health professionals in your area is another way to grow your optometry practice. As a primary eye care provider, requesting a nearby pediatrician to refer their patients who need eyecare services to your clinic, goes a long way to grow your practice, increasing your patient base. Imagine if all the professionals in your city know you, and your practice, and refers patients to your practice for eyecare services, such will phenomenally grow your practice. Recall that referrals are two-way stuff. You refer patients to other health professionals, they refer to you.  It’s reciprocated. Other professionals will refer patients to your practice if you have been referring to their practice. Keep a win-win relationship.


5. Leverage Content Marketing.

Content rules. Building your personal brand to a big name can be tough, but leveraging content can shorten your journey. One of the easiest ways to shape the way you want people to perceive you is to paint your desired scenes with your desired content. A mix of digital marketing develops your brand image faster. While people have got to know you as a trustworthy person through your content, if you have an eye clinic, you can leverage such reputable personal branding. Publish content that portrays the services your brand represents. Share your daily experience with your patients. Write and educate your audience on eyecare hygiene. Enlighten your patients on healthy eye care practices. These are the types of content that should be on your clinic’s website. While it educates your patients, it fosters brand trust, and evokes an attractive brand experience, placing your eye clinic as the ideal place to go for eyecare services. What then grows your eye clinic if not visibility and such brand trust?


Wrapping Up:

You do not need to be anxious about growing your eye clinic. If you have a resounding personal branding, as an eye clinic owner, all you have to do is to leverage your existing influence, to grow your eye clinic. And pick up the tips explained above, to drive growth. If you desire to build an attractive personal brand as an Optometrist, capable of growing your practice, this post- 5 Time-Tested Ways To Build An Awesome Optometry Brand, will help you start today.

If what you need is a growth partner to get you started, Book Your Free Discovery Call, let us explore ideas, dream possibilities, and discover growth.

About the Author

Dr. Okwukwe Davis

Okwukwe Davis is a Nigerian Optometrist, Digital Marketer & Design Strategist based in Saudi Arabia. Okwukwe loves to create websites aligned with brand strategy to drive brand growth. As a freelance content writer, he likes to write content that attracts, engages and retains a target audience

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