Optometry Digital Marketing: 6 Powerful Strategies For Eyecare Business Growth

Optometry Digital marketing is vast and can be overwhelming for a small eye care business on a tight budget. Need not be so. The secret is to know where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there. Sometimes this journey can be at a minimal or no cost. To excel as an eyecare professional, you need a digital presence that is impressive, informative, and engaging.

Optometry Digital marketing if well planned and executed will help position your optometry brand at a known position of value to your audience by helping…

  • Educate eye health consumers
  • Highlight your unique practice.
  • Discover and guide new patients.
  • Develop a competitive advantage.
  • Target the right audience.

Grow your eyecare business by helping consumers discover and engage with you online through these selected digital marketing strategies.


1. Web Design Strategy and UX

A website is like a doorstep to your eye clinic. More so in today’s internet age. The majority of the world lives online. Your patients are not exempt. A properly designed optometric eye clinic website should be functional beyond beauty. Good user experience is non-negotiable. It offers you an opportunity to offer authoritative and relevant information to potential patients or eye health consumers. A strategic website is a vital component of effective digital marketing.

However old your website is or if you are yet to get one, what matters most is the user experience and the value it offers. An eye care website should be structurally organized for search engines and for patients. If optimized and aligned with an overall purpose, your website will surely deliver an excellent return on investment.

A well-designed optometric eye clinic website that will attract and engage patients would give…

  • Good patient experience
  • Responsive mobile-friendliness
  • Relevant results in search engines
  • Useful content for a defined audience
  • Ease of navigation
  • A clear call to action for visitors

Beyond beauty, a good website must be functional. It must help you create the right impression as an Optometrist.


2. Content Marketing is an Optometry Digital Marketing Strategy

Content Is King, they say. The target or potential patients you create content for are the kingmakers.

Your content is virtually the bulk of the pieces of information you dish out for eye health consumers. They could be written, visuals, ebooks, blog posts, website content, etc.

An optometric or eye care content strategy plan must be suitable for a purpose. Answer the following questions, to develop and implement the best content marketing strategy:

  • Who are you creating for?
  • What problems do you intend to solve?
  • How is your value proposition unique?
  • How do you best communicate this value?
  • Which are the best channels to use?
  • What are the best implementation strategies?

So, if you really want to improve engagement and create more valuable relationships with your patients, content marketing is a must strategy.

You make like to see How Optometry Content Strategy Can Help You Drive Eyecare Business Growth


3. Branding Strategy

As an optometrist, you are a unique brand. In today’s internet age, you intentionally craft your own brand or the digital community will do it for you.

In today’s digital landscape, the online reputation of your optometric practice can be easily misrepresented in search engines or social media.

Your personal brand and eye clinic’s online reputation play help define your overall branding. The brand is beyond the logo and other visual assets. In consists of the perceptions and feelings of consumers about your offerings.

Digital branding can bridge the gap between our business objectives and what your target audience actually wants to engage with.

Your brand should inspire relationships. Your focus should be to develop a personality and value, which gives an encompassing and consistent patient experience across all points of interaction.

When used ethically, optometric branding Strategy could help you as a professional…

  • Reduce misinformation
  • Create the right impression
  • Showcase your services
  • Connect with colleagues
  • Promote eye health

For an eye clinic or eye care professional to attract and engage its local community with relevant eye health information, an Optometric branding strategy is indispensable.


4. Optometry Email Marketing

Email is the international note of the exchange of the web. An optometrist or eye clinic with an online presence should have a functional email address. It also gives a very broad reach.

Every digital marketing channel has its own advantages. All the same, according to Email: An Indispensable Part of Digital Marketing Strategy, an article by Kevin George, email outshines all of them for the following reasons:

  • Email marketing brings together all your marketing efforts
  • Emails yield the highest ROI
  • Email marketing has a better reach than social media
  • An email has a longer shelf life when compared to social posts
  • You can personalize the emails based on the subscriber’s interests
  • Emails can be used at every stage of the buyer’s journey
  • Email marketing can be used by all sizes of businesses

For marketing your eyecare business, you have digital marketing channels at your disposal. All the same, you need to prioritize your choices due to limited budget and time.

Considering the above points, email marketing is an affordable and easy channel for attracting, engaging, and retaining your target patients.


5. Social Media Marketing

A well-planned and executed social media marketing strategy will not only help you extend your reach but also afford you the ability to listen to audience sentiments.

Effective social media strategy will enable you to develop a community of followers. They will come, engage and benefit from your expert value. For instance, you can drive eye clinc growth by effectively growing your Instagram account.

The Benefits of Social Media for your optometric eye clinic can not be overemphasized. Some of the ways a great social media marketing strategy will help you include the following:

  • Professional networking
  • Practice marketing
  • Patient Education
  • Research and discovery
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Establish brand authority
  • Provide awesome customer service

You should aim to develop an effective social media strategy uniquely suited to your vision and appropriate for your target patients.


6. Search Engine Optimization

Having a good website or even having valuable content is great but not enough. People must see to engage with the value. Search engines like Google must be able to bring up these contents for those who search.

The work of search engines is simply to match consumers with the most relevant information they seek. Your eye clinic must, therefore, be able to have information relevant to your patients that shows during online queries.

It is the process of making your content fit for search engines and accessible to your target patients. SEO is what you need if you want people to find you or your services.

SEO mainly involves two main components- On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO involves all the technical processes of arranging your website content and structure to be fit for search engines while offering a great user experience.

Off-Page SEO involves strategies that will make it possible for people to find your site and link back to it for its relevant and authoritative content.

A search engine like Google just wants to know that your content is valuable, optimized, authoritative, rightly answers online queries, and is easily accessible.

With a research-based understanding of who your target audience is and your unique value proposition, you can optimize your content to attain the search engine goals and be relevant for your patients and other eye health consumers

Amongst other benefits, SEO according to the Digital Marketing Institute, can help a business achieve several objectives:

  • Brand awareness
  • Increased web traffic
  • Increased authority
  • Improved conversions
  • Better visitor experience

SEO may seem complex and ever-evolving but your eye clinic needs to remain relevant and visible online.

Wrapping up

Your eye clinic can be set apart by a well-planned digital marketing strategy. It will help you set the path for positioning your optometric eyecare business with the right messages for your patients.

Your patients spend most of their time on digital devices and online. The only way for a modern eye clinic to remain in the picture is through digital marketing. Embrace it.

Today’s success in this digital era mostly will depend on what you do and fail to do, online.

If you aren’t using them already, start today. If you have been using them, draw insights, refine and grow your eye clinic.

Web design, branding strategy, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization are top marketing strategies you can easily start with.

Any questions? Get in touch! We’re always happy to hear from you.

PLS NOTE: This is an original article on starrosedesigns.com, updated and posted here exclusively for optometrists.

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