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Optometry Blogging: 5 Ways Blog Writing Boosts Eyecare Business Growth

Blogging in optometry has become more than important in this digital age. Nowadays, blogging is the new deal. Blogging has enormous power in boosting your business, and your eye care business is not left out. In fact, blogging has the potency to give your eye care business the amount of visibility that will announce your business to the spotlight in a jiffy, and with less stress. All you need to know is to understand the mix and blog it out. Here are 5 more ways blogging can help you attract patients and expand your eyecare business.

You could increase your optometry website traffic when you write eyecare-related news and tips to your audience. More traffic leading to more helpful information would help to attract more patients, and engage and retain existing information. The result: a boost in your eyecare business.


1. Blogging Positions You As An Authority In  Eyehealth.

As an eye care practitioner, probably the most effective way to earn influence both in the clinic or off the clinic is to offer benefits to your audience. A blog can perfectly be an instrument to achieve this. If you have a blog, you are good to fly. Your eyecare blog content can demonstrate your insight and skill in the eye care practice while helping your clients with helpful content that assists them to take care of their eyes. Such posts, when published on a regular basis in your blog, positions you as a go-to person in matters of eyecare delivery. You can guess the awesome trust built in the mind of your clients whenever they read your blog content. They would get to believe in your expertise and in your practice. They’d become loyal to your brand, and may automatically become mini ambassadors to your eyecare brand, referring their friends to you. Why? Because you have carved a niche in their mind as an expert. That’s one of the wonders you achieve using your eye care blog.


2. It Helps Your Eyecare Business Establish Its Unique Brand Voice And Rapport.

Get this picture: what do you think actually happens when somebody asks a question connected with your eyecare business, on which you have a blog? Your site would pop up, and on clicking, your new visitor would be sent to your blog, full of the unique content you have been sharing. To them, it shows you’ve been in the business for a while. Going through your blog content, your audience gets aware and understands the unique way you communicate your brand message – your brand voice. Publishing regular posts in your eyecare blog is also a great way to foster conversations around your eye care business, building a firm rapport with your clients/audience. The goal is to allow your clients to get to know your unique brand voice and to establish a strong connection with your business.

you are your own brand

3. Blogging Boosts Traffic To Your Eyecare Business.

When your blog content on eye care is extremely helpful, your audience could share it with their friends and followers. And the visibility continues to shoot up. This would help traffic to your site, especially when you fixed a backlink in the post. Whether their friends have heard about your business or not, they are most likely going to click on your post since it resonates with what they may be searching for, and is shared by their friends. The more reasons you do not toy with the type of content you put out in your eyecare blog. Furthermore, always add a call to action button on your blog that encourages your readers to see more, learn more, call now, book appointments, etc. Your visitors will easily be routed to your site, expanding your brand visibility, and extending your business fronts with time. With this amplified brand awareness, your eyecare business becomes known and gets more patronage from more audiences.

4. It Boosts Your Search Engine Appearances.

It will be an awesome experience if you receive a call from a fresh client saying they learned about your eye care business from Google and would want to visit for a session. People will always want to check out how to obtain eye care services. But you need to position your eye care business for such visibility and connection. So far you have a blog, and publishing SEO content in the eyecare niche. It can increase the chances for your blog to be seen in search engines when new clients are searching. To get better results too, choose topics and utilize keywords that are connected with your eye care. For instance, as an eye care practitioner, if you own a practice, you should be writing content on topics connected with eyecare, for example, healthy vision, eye hygiene, refractive error in children of school age, and related subjects. The goal is, that when individuals run a search with such keywords, your blog pops up among the first two or three sites. As they visit and read your content, they connect with your eye care business. 

5. Blogging Helps Attract Patients and Engage Them

Posting helpful content in your eyecare blog is one of the most fundamental ways of advertising the services you render to your clients. It is an avenue to serve your existing clients with helpful content that solves their eye-related problems, and also a platform to attract new audiences. With the help of SEO techniques, you can tailor contents that easily connect and attract visitors to your eye care brand. These visitors could eventually turn out to become your clients. That is the aim. If you’re experiencing difficulty thinking of a title for your next blog post, you can check your frequently asked questions (FAQ) from your clients. You’ll come up with an audience-friendly topic.

Wrapping it up:

As an eye care practitioner, desirous to boost your eye care business, raise your flag of visibility, and expand more fronts for your eyecare practice, blogging is a gold bag to be secured, anytime, any day. It is far less expensive and less cumbersome to set up, yet delivers aptly; boosting your eye care business, from the ground to the moon. All you need to do is to get your blog, to enhance your business. Let’s talk today.

About the Author

Dr. Okwukwe Davis

Okwukwe Davis is a Nigerian Optometrist, Digital Marketer & Design Strategist based in Saudi Arabia. Okwukwe loves to create websites aligned with brand strategy to drive brand growth. As a freelance content writer, he likes to write content that attracts, engages and retains a target audience

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