About Elevating
Your Optometry Brand

Our Story

Hello, I’m Okwukwe Davis OD and I started OptoBrand to help raise your star optometry brand and drive eyecare business growth. 

In 2017, I started a web design business hoping to grow it into a one-stop-shop digital marketing agency. Along the line, it dawned on me how much my contents and writings were so focused on driving eyecare business growth. I love bringing business and brand strategy to optometry eyecare.

Trained as primary eye care practitioners, it seems we could easily be pardoned for lacking the finesse of business strategy. This is no longer the case. Today’s patients expect the same consumer experience as expected of other industry business brands. In fact, we no longer just serve patients, but eye-health consumers.

Our optometry brand can’t operate in isolation. Every touchpoint patients have with our optometry brand contributes to building an overall patient experience. Optometrists must therefore position for more impact.

Our Vision

Build a one-stop design and brand strategy agency helping eyecare and healthcare professionals enhance the health consumer experience with awesome return on investment.

Our Mission

Raising the star of Nigerian Eyecare Businesses and Optometrists as brands of unique expertise by aligning design with business, branding, and digital marketing strategies.

Our Philosophy

Optometry is a creative and awesome specialty and the eyecare practice must be seen as a business brand requiring design thinking and strategic branding to excel.

What we do!

We align design with branding and digital marketing strategies to discover growth for your eyecare business

We Discover

As Frank Tyger, “Discoveries are often made by not following instructions; by going off the main road; by trying the untried.”

We Strategize

As Michael Porter said, “Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it’s about deliberately choosing to be different.”


We Design

As Charles Eames said, “Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.”


What We Offer

Strategy + Design

Optometry Web Design

Value-driven and responsive website that helps connect with your target eye health consumers.

Optometry Digital Marketing

Inbound marketing strategies that attract, engage and retain eye health consumers.

Optometry Brand Strategy

Purpose-driven brand strategies for a consistent patient experience at all touch-points. 

Optometry Graphic Design

A cohesive and consistent brand identity across all your brand assets to build emotional connections.

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Always attract, engage and retain eye health consumers!

As you continue to provide awesome patient experiences, you will continue to attract, engage and retain eye health consumers.

Build value-driven relationships for your optometry brand!

Your eye clinic is an eyecare business that must thrive. Elevating your optometry brand will enable you to build value-driven relationships

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We believe
Optometry is…

01 A Creative Profession

02 An Awesome Speciality

03 A Business Brand

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